C.A.R. "Bulletproof" Ceramic Coating

C.A.R. "Bulletproof" Ceramic Coating

Camelot Car Cleaners now offers ceramic coating for your vehicle! This locally owned ceramic product offers "Bulletproof" protection for your vehicle through the elements, as well as a showroom quality shine. C.A.R. products are local to Springfield MA, and offer a 2-year warranty that guarantees you'll be satisfied.

Why ceramic coat with Camelot? Your vehicle can take a beating from New England weather. This ceramic product is a silica based coating that provides cosmetic and protective benefits, making it a great dual purpose coating that will leave your vehicle looking great and keep it safe from ice, snow, road salt, bird droppings, tree sap and more. Camelot uses products from C.A.R. as well as local insurance agents to provide you and your vehicle with the most protection.

The "Bulletproof" ceramic application includes an exterior wash, ionization, clay bar and surface prep. All vehicles will require inspection and seperate pricing for paint correction and body work.

$495 small vehicle

$595 medium vehicle

$795 large vehicle

Call Camelot Car Cleaners today for more information and to schedule your locally sourced, locally insured "Bulletproof" ceramic coating.

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